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Saturday 31st August - Koumala

Welcome to the last day of Winter of 2019. Today we are heading for Koumala, which is just south of Sarina. We were originally going to stay for one night but have changed this to two.

Leaving Marlborough we continue north on the Bruce Highway for an hour. Here we take a side track to St. Lawrence to have a walk around and empty poodle. The camp area here is at the Showgrounds with plenty of room. It's only $12.50 per night and there is a maximum stay of 14 days. It has a good amenities block with a coin operated hot shower if you want.

Turning off the Bruce into the Koumala Van Park we see these concrete slabs in this lovely grassy area. There is room for about 16 vans here with big rigs next door. It's actually a beautiful peaceful park as there are only two vans here plus the manager's one. Talking to the manager he told us that the other night it was full, so you can't pick it.

I turned on the TV to tune it in and there is a black line going down the screen but it's watchable. This does not look good. We turned it back on again to watch the news and now there is about a third of the screen not working. Looks like we will need a new one now. Clive had spent some time in the afternoon checking to see what 12v TV's were available in Mackay, but no luck here. He even ended up ringing the Good Guys in Townsville to see what they had and no joy. They will see if they can get one in by the time we get to Townsville on the 17th September.

Roast pork and vegetables for dinner - from the pub. Cost $13.50 with us sharing the meal. It was very nice and seemed to good to pass up. Clive had to have a couple of beers while he was waiting for dinner. Behind the bar they have plaques with the actual size of mud crabs and other fish that have been caught around here. Very interesting. This Freehold Pub is currently for sale if anyone reading this is interested. We watched TV with about half a screen. Amazing how one can adapt to anything. We will need a new TV, no doubt about it. I can't watch my shows like this.


Nearly a
vacant paddock.

One van



Welcome to
St. Lawrence.




This TV has
a problem.


the bar.

Good size


Nice mud

Good size
red claw.