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Sunday 1st September - Mackay

Well there goes winter. It's the first day of spring, so welcome. It seems like we have had a mild winter, but maybe that's because we're travelling further north. Mind you we did have the heater on in the van a couple of times when the night was cold. It was only to take the chill off the van though.

14 degrees overnight and 30 throughout the day but a nice cool breeze. Lazy day and pleasant living. Clive went to Mass at Sarina - about 20 minutes away and then on the way back stopped into the Sarina Pie Shop. Not only did he buy himself a pie for breakfast but also brought me back a chocolate eclair and a jam donut. I had a bit of one for lunch and the rest got frozen.

He rang Harvey Norman to see if they had any 12v TV's in stock and YES!!, they have 3 Akai units. It's a bit dearer than the others but at least if we buy this on our way through then we will have it and no messing around in trying to get one to Townsville for when we are there in a couple of weeks. The Good Guys couldn't guarantee it would be there by the 17th of this month.

There is a choice of van parks in Mackay and we've decided to stay in one near the beach. It's Bucasia Beach Park and being in it's location at least Clive can go for a walk along the beach if he wants. Seems to be almost full when we got here and there are a few people who have hibernated from the southern states for the winter.

Caught by a
cane train.

Curry chicken and
vegetable pie.

Map of

Buffy the
cane toad.

Tribute to Sarina
Rugby Legends.


Story of the
cane toad.


Three sided
Federation Clock.



Murials on the
public toilets.




pie shop.

Father's day card
from Jess and Michael.