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Tuesday 3rd September - Mackay

Another hot day with 36 degrees but a cool overnight of only 12. They said that the daily temperatures are about 8 degrees above average.

A lazy day with some chores being done and more reading. Clive is making his scallop and pasta dish tonight so that should make three meals. A toasted sandwich for me.

Clive went into Mackay to get some shopping and bits and pieces. The city has certainly changed since he was last here. The Mid City Motor Inn where he liked to stay is still there by the Pioneer River and the Coral Sands Motel where I stayed is still looking the same. I used to stay here as it was next door to where the Chariot Office was, so really close when I had to come up here to replace someone who was going on leave. Well, that block is now a hotel / apartment block and across the road is another multi-storey building.

Clive ordered some pen refills via the Officeworks 'click and collect' and yesterday they still weren't in. The staff member said that they should be in by Thursday but Clive told him that we wouldn't be here as were are travelling, so we thought about spending an extra nigh here. Thankfully he got an email in the afternoon saying that it was now ready for collection. The joys if life on the road.

Monday 2nd September - Mackay

Hot day today with 31 degrees and an overnight temperature of 9.6. Thankfully there was a bit of a breeze that came up in the afternoon.

We had to be out of the park at Koumala by 10.00 on the dot so we left at 9.55. There was no one else there and Clive did ask if we could be a late but the answer was no. Not a good way to go impressing fellow travellers who do talk. Still, it's their rules.

Heading to Mackay and firstly to Harvey Norman. Well they are on the northern side of town, so basically bypassed the Mackay CBD. Picked up the TV and Clive even listened to the sound as the reviews on line said that it was very tinny, but it sounds pretty good to him in the store.

Then it's off to Bucasia Beach van park. It's about 15 minutes from the CBD and it's in the northern beaches region. Lots of new housing seems to be going on here. We're here for a 3 night stay. On the way here Clive decided to get the van weighed. Whilst the van is slightly over the total combined weight of the car and van is under so we need to move some stuff from the van to the car.

We are parked right near the front so all incoming and outgoing traffic has to go past our van.

Clive did a load of washing and hung that out under the awning. It should dry overnight. A lovely afternoon sea breeze came up in the afternoon so that cooled things down a bit. The TV is all set up and works beautifully. A nice clear picture as it's a FHD and the sound is good too. Well done Clive!!

Welcome to

Our home for
a few nights.

Motor Inn.

A new apartment

Coral Sands

Old Chariot Office
is no longer.

The new
TV works.

and pasta.