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Wednesday 4th September - Mackay

A cooler night down to 9.6 but again a hot day of 35 degrees.

Clive went off for a walk this morning to the beach. He was gone for about 45 minutes and when he came back he showed me the pictures he had taken. The tides was out so he was walking in the middle of the harbour. There was also a warning sign about crocodiles that he seems to have ignored by walking out there, even though he said he kept his eyes pealed. There were other people out there so he considered it safe. The water was crystal clear. Clive used his walking app and took a screen shot showing that he can walk on water. Really!!

We both went to Mackay today to Officeworks as his pen refills have come in. This saves us having to action plan B - spending more time in Mackay to wait for these refills. They are in a box about 9 by 5 by 4 inches. Talk about shipping air around. It is after all only 2 pen refills. I think all the profit from this sale went on the freight to get it from Brisbane to Mackay.

After this he drove me around Mackay, looking at the places we used to stay and I saw many changes to the city. There are now lots of multi-storey motels, Canelands - the local shopping centre now boasts a Myer, Harris Scarfe, Target, Big W and many speciality stores. Talk about progress. The main street through town still looks the same with the Subway where I would sometimes get dinner still there.

From here it was out to the Marina. We went here for dinner one trip and had a lovely meal overlooking the Marina. It seems to me this is now a lot bigger as I don't remember so many boats packed in here. Then we drove out onto the break wall to the very end. It was quite a drive so it could be a good walk for Clive to do but certainly way to far for me. You can see all the coal ships lined up off shore waiting their turn to come in and fill up with coal then go on their merry way.

Off to free camping tomorrow. Curry for Clive and pizza for me. Delicious.


boat ramp.

Beware of


Walking in
the harbour.


Islands in
the distance.


The main


Looking back
to the ramp.

The tide's
still going out.

Crystal clear



Resident ducks
in the park.

Out for
a drive.


The Pioneer


water front.


The coal


Ships waiting
to load.


Clive thinks he
can walk on water.