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Thursday 5th September - Bloomsbury

11 degrees over night and up to 34.3 today.

We arrived at Bloomsbury just before 12 and it's about 40km south of Proserpine. It's free camping in a large area beside the BP service station. Trucks also use this as a rest spot. Lucky for Clive that we get good TV reception or it would be out with the satellite dish so I can watch Home and Away - 90 minutes today and he wants to watch the footy.

It's very very hot for me and no electricity to run the air conditioning. A few Christmas's ago we had a power failure that lasted a few days. Clive went to the local BCF store and bought a 12v fan. We took a battery out of the Bubble and used this to move some air around. I'd forgotten that he had packed this under a seat. He got it out and set it up. The Sirocco fans we have are good over the bed but this is a 12 inch fan and sounds a bit like a jet engine starting. It certainly made a difference as it was blowing a lot of air. Not quite as good as air conditioning but it will do.

By mid afternoon we are now totally blocked in. There is a car about 3 feet behind us set up like they are planning to stay a few days and the space that was in front two vans have reversed so they are ninety degrees to us and only about 3 feet from the front of our Jeep. So we will have to wait until they go before we can head off. Good job we are in no hurry. Some people do not think. It's a huge area and there is plenty of free space around us. Off to Proserpine tomorrow and into a van park.

Parked up
at Bloomsbury.


It's a walk
to the BP.



Watching Home
and Away.

Toasties for