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Friday 6th September - Proserpine

Down to 5.3 over night and up to 35.7 during the day. Talk about weather extremes. This weather is ridiculous. Yesterday a heat wave nearly reaching 35 until about 5pm when once the sun starts going down it then cools down pretty quickly. Last night being 5 degrees Clive plugged the electric blanket in for me as I was cold and it was on most of the night. At least today we'll be in a powered site and I can have the air conditioning on if needed. So traveling 45km to Proserpine today. A nice casual drive where we will spend the next three days. When Clive was checking in he brought back with him a Chinese restaurant menu. On it they had duck and crab meat sauce. Now this is a favourite dish that I just love and have not been able to get for a long time on the Coast. No one seems to make it anymore. So I think it's Chinese for tea.

I didn't need the air conditioner on as there is a lovely breeze that came up in the afternoon. I did have the turbo fan on though as this does help inside the van. There's meant to be a cool change coming through one day. Our van backs onto the bowling green next door and we have only one neighbour on the left.

Yes, Chinese for tea and it was delicious. We had the duck and crab meat, crumbed king prawns and a special fried rice. They also gave us some prawn crackers. We ate half and froze half, so even I get another meal.

$1.65 for

Leaving in
the morning.

Home for the
next 3 days.

Gai under
the annex.

A side privacy

The Mill
at night.