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Sunday 8th September - Proserpine

A warmer night of 10.5 and a cooler day with a top of only 28.8.

On the news last night they showed a huge dust storm that had created a haze over Brisbane yesterday. This apparently started in South Australia and was swept across central NSW and up into SE Queensland. Well, with the SW winds we have been having this storm reached us today. Clive has gone through two boxes of tissues today and he looks a bit like Rudolf.

A lazy day again as you really can't do too much with this weather. Some sewing happening, well unpicking really of my summer dresses. Yes I know that I have finally put on some weight again, 59kg now. So I need to let out all the seams that I had taken in over the years when I had not been well. Clive was a good help with this as he did most of the unpicking.

Clive went to get some shopping after Mass but Woolworths is closed on Sundays. We must be in the country now so no food shopping today. It will have to be a job for Bowen where are headed tomorrow for the next three days.

Clive went off for an 8 o'clock Mass at St. Catherine's. Well he got there 15 minutes before Mass and was told that Mass would not be until 9 today as the Bishop was down visiting for Confirmation and First Holy Communions. Well it was Bishop Tim Harris, who used to be the Parish Priest of Surfers Paradise before he was appointed to the Townsville Diocese two and a half years ago. Clive had a brief chat with him after Mass as he said that he recognised the face.

Pictures of
the dust storm.


Saturday 7th September - Proserpine

Weather extremes again today. Down to 5.9 and up to 35.7. A cool breeze came in about 5ish. They did say that we were going to get a cool change, so I hope that it stays that way for a while. Washing day today and with the breeze it should dry quickly.

I've banned Clive from reading until he gets the blog and web pages up to date. Talk about a book worm. Once he starts a book it consumes him and nothing seems to get done. I say this tongue in cheek as he does everything else on this journey, so I don't begrudge him a little reading time.

Clive went off for a walk in town this morning. He drove in and parked at the end of Main Street. He went up one side and back on the other, going past the Mill and down an arcade. There are quite a few empty buildings here and another in the process of closing down. He went into Lifeline and checked out their books. He found an author that Nan reads, so rang her and no she didn't have this particular book. Only $3 for the book but what about postage.

Walking down
Main Street.

St. Catherine's
Catholic Church.

Plaques are an
interesting read.

A shrine
to Mary.



Empty cane

A book
for Nan.