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Monday 9th September - Proserpine

So off to Bowen today. We left just before 10am and arrived about 11.30.It's only about 70km away but with only travelling at 80km/h and pulling off to the side of the road to let cars and trucks go past and road works it's amazing how much time it can take. It got dow to 7.2 and up to 28.9 today.

We're staying at The Harbour Lights Caravan Park that is just over the road from the beach. We are parked under a nice shady tree and a lovely cool breeze is blowing through the van. There is plenty of vacant spaces around us so it should make for a quiet park.

As you approach Bowen there is the Big Mango which I took a picture of. You then basically travel though town down the main street, Herbert St, and turn left on to the Esplanade. The park is down near the Marina.

The breeze got a bit cooler tonight - almost cold. Must be as we are near the sea. Hopefully it will be like this when we move to Point Vernon. Lovely fresh local prawns from the Fishermen's Co-Op for dinner tonight. Delicious!!

Welcome to



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The park

Clive going
to check in.