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Thursday 12th September - Wallace Landing

Time to leave Bowen and continue heading north with some free camping today. It got down to 14.4 last night and up to 28.7 today. Due to the gusty winds last night Clive packed up the awning and chairs so not a lot to really do this morning.

On the way we went through a small town called Gumla. In the right we noticed a big pumpkin but it's one of those town that if you blink you will miss everything so no chance to stop for a picture.

We are at Wallaces Landing free camp. GPS co-ordinates are 19 44 10 S and 1747 33 20 E. Well, what can I say? Clive has really out done himself this time. About 20kms south of Ayr he turns right off the Bruce Highway as we travel down some road about 10km. We going in between cane fields and on a partially deserted dirt road. Over a cattle grid and now into paddocks with cows grazing freely. It looks deserted.

We arrived at the designated co-ordinates and there is a boat ramp with two cars and boats trailers and lots of empty space. The river is the Burdekin. There is nothing to see for miles except fields and some cows in the distance. He is so chuffed at finding this place he keeps on telling me how he has excelled. At least we have phone reception and we'll see about TV, as H&A is on for 90 minutes tonight.

So the TV works. It's now picking up Townsville and no longer Mackay, so will we have different news readers? I'm impressed. He can't stop smiling about his achievements. It's so peaceful and quiet here. The boat trailers went mid afternoon and only a couple of visits from two other cars. Mobile working, TV working, peace and quiet - what more could you ask for. We may even stay here another day now.

Must be the meeting point for lovers? A duel cab pulled up short of the river and lights all go off. About 30 minutes later they are back on and the car leaves. Given we are about 10 minutes from the highway it's a drive there and back if you have no particular plans.

Are we going
the right way Clive?.

In the middle
of cane fields.

It's a
boat ramp.

around us.

cane fields.


Gai going for
a walk.

A missing
person poster.

Ramp to the
Burdekin. River

Gai still

View from
the boat ramp.

The Burdekin

Looking the
other way.


Clive has
excelled here.


Almost a
full moon.

the cane.