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Saturday 14th September - Ayr

Off to Ayr today. Was 10.7 overnight and up to 30.3 today, so a warm day.

We arrived at the Ayr van park about 12.30. Earlier this morning the fishing crew were out and about with their boats. It started just before dawn with the first one arriving and then steadily throughout the early morning more came and some loud music too. I don't know how they could hear themselves as we could hear their music from 50 metres away. At one stage there was ten trailers there. Towards lunch time most of them started coming back in.

We are staying at he Ayr Silver Link Van Park, (a Big 4), and it seems to be quite nice. A bit cramped in but the neighbours aren't too noisy so far.

Birds circling
on hge thermals.



Peak hour
boat traffic.


Leaving Wallaces

Burnt cane from
the other night.

Inkerman Bridge crossing
teh Burdekin River.

Not a lot of
water currently.

Ayr Caravan