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Wednesday 18th September - Ayr

A hot day today especially inside the van reaching 34 degrees. Outside under the awning it got to 36.6 and down to 12 overnight.

We managed to both get hair cuts today over at Hair Kalynda. This is just literally opposite the van park across the major road. $51.00 all up which was $18.00 for Clive and $31.00 for me. Not too bad as this is only a bit dearer than what we would normally pay at home. It's been 7 weeks since our last one, so the next one should again be when we are back on the Coast in November. Clive was talking to the lady doing his hair and the wife of the policeman in Giru works part time in this shop. Small world.

New neighbours arrived to day and once they were set up, we see they are vacuuming the concrete. Well this has to be a first. About every 5 minutes we hear their door slamming too. Talk about annoying as surely they can close it quietly - but maybe not. Who knows what they are doing.

Clive had a curry for tea and I had sweet and sour pork. The pork was delicious but there was too much batter around it.

Gai enjoying
A hair cut.

Sunset in