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Sunday 22nd September - Saunders Beach

18 last night and 27.7 today. I'm thankful for sea breezes.

The door and boot slamming started at 7am and continued until 11am when they left. What they would do is open the door, get out one item and then close it. This was repeated every 5 to 10 minutes. Even Clive, who is normally very patient was getting annoyed. He said to me that if I had a dollar for every time they have opened and slammed those doors this morning we would have a hundred dollars. The girls on the other side of them just leave the door open and turn off the internal lights, so the battery doesn't go flat.

A van count was 17 this morning so it's a popular little spot. Very picturesque. Clive went off for a walk around town and then came back along the beach. We saw a goanna in the park today as well. The pommies next door to us were amazed by it. We were also told that there was a 4m croc sighting on the beach the other week and that two young crocs have been spotted in the creek that runs behind us. We'll stay another night.


rain couds.

Horses on
the beach.

Islands in
the distance.