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Friday 27th September - Bilyana Rest Area to Tully Heads

Awoke to the sound of light rain on the roof of the van. Looks like Clive might be packing up in the wet for the first time. Down to 18.6 last night and back upto 31.8 today.

I had a good sleep in and Clive said that the showers stopped around 8.30 and the sun came out. He's already packed away the satellite dish after first having to dry it all.

11.48 he hears a train coming so a dash outside with the camera to try and get some pictures. Not the best but at least we have some. There are only 2 vans left. Us and the one that was here before we got here yesterday. It a 20 hour rest area so they should also be moving on today.

We arrived at Googarra beach Caravan Park about 1pm. The site they have given us is right next to a tent. Why - I have no idea as the park is quite large and outside of the permanents on the perimeter there is only the tent and one other van, so there is plenty of space without the needs to be adjacent to someone. Another van came in later in the day and they were given a site next to the other van.

There is a licenced area here and also they have their own take away shop. Lunch was a very crispy seafood stick - the batter was so hard it couldn't be eaten and a potato scallop while Clive had a Chiko Roll and 2 Dim Sims. The camp kitchen is very large and they have a good selection of books here. The amenities are in need of an update as they are nothing like the previous park, but they are clean and tidy.

When tuning in the TV, remember this is my job, we could only get 16 stations. No channel 7 or SBS. Basically channel 9 ones and the ABC. Might be another satellite dish job again as they do say in the info about the park that TV can be intermittent. Before we do this Clive rotates the aerial 90 degrees and bingo. We now have 36 stations and all the ones that we like to watch and record. After this the PVR is set to record more shows for us. NRL footy tonight with a win by Canberra Raiders over the South Sydney Rabbits.

With the warmer nights we need to get rid of the doona and use the blanket. Clive has stored this between the mattress and the base of the bed, so it's not taking up any space. Fish and chips from the take away for dinner tonight.

Spirit of



Googarra Beach
caravan Park.


All set


Toilets left,
showers right.

Camp kitchen
and laundry.

Part of
the books.

And the

Two new

Our neighbour
and us.