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Sunday 29th September - Tully Heads to Innisfail

So off to Innisfail today. Just over 70km so should be around an hour of driving. Got down to 18.4 last night with a top of 27.5 today.

The sun is really hot but hopefully a cool breeze will come up later. We're staying in the River Drive Van Park for three nights. The park is adjacent to the South Johnstone River and you can have a river view spot for $40.00 a night or any other for $35.00. Well we chose the other and ended up with one that backs onto the Bruce Highway, so it's a bit noisy but that's OK. We are closer here to the Bruce then we have been in any of the free camps.

It's a Sunday and Woolies is open so maybe we aren't in the country anymore. We're here for 3 nights so hopefully we'll be able to get some sightseeing done.

I forgot to mention that we are in the Cassowary Coast region now. There are certainly pockets of rain forest about. Innisfail was originally known as Geraldton until 1910. It has an average annual rainfall of 3.5m so just a bit dryer than Tully.

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