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Wednesday 2nd October - Innisfail - Babinda

Off to a free camp in Babinda today. It's the Rotary Park on the eastern side of town that has a huge area for vans as well as tents. You are allowed to stay here for 72 hours and as well as having toilets and a dump point they also have coin operated hot showers. You are asked to leave a donation, but sadly I didn't see too many people doing that. Good TV reception too, although the people next door to us had the satellite dish out as their reception was not good.

20 degrees over night and a maximum of 30.8 today.

The park is very peaceful, especially after having had to put up with all the noise of the Bruce Highway at the Innisfail Van Park. Clive asked there if we could leave late and was told we can leave whenever we want to as they are not busy, so I took advantage of a late start to the day. Babinda Creek runs adjacent to the park and you can hire a canoe to do some paddling if you like. Clive went down there to take some pictures and even he said the water was quite mild.

We had a light shower about 4pm which increased the humidity and then again around 7pm. Still they are forecasting showers for the next few days.

Babinda Rotary
Park Rules.


donation box.

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Us camped



clear water.


Road and
rail bridge.


Plenty of
camping area.


Gai enjoying
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