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Sunday 6th October - Cairns

Slightly overcast today. 20.2 last night and back upto, you guessed it, 29.2 today. Not a lot seems to change up here but I wonder how different it will be once the wet season starts.

Clive went off to Mass this morning at St. Monica's Catheral. Mass started at 10.00am and the Bishop presided. Later in the day we went for a drive around Cairns. This first stop was the Cathedral as he wanted me to see the amazing stained glass windows. He took photos of them after Mass to show me, but they really don't do it justice. There are 24 windows telling the story of Creation from the Book of Genesis. In addition, there are two Peace windows either side of the entrance door, marking 50 years of peace in the Pacific. The pictures of the Creation Windows go right to left.

From the Cathedral's website , I quote,

"About the famous Windows

Stained-glass artists, Gerry Cummins and Jill Sthen spent two years designing the windows and four years building the largest theme stained glass windows in the world depicting the creation according to the book of Genesis.

The windows are a popular tourist attraction and everyday tourists are taken up with the world's largest themed stained glass windows. There are 24 windows (12 along each side ) depicting the story of creation taken from the Book of Genesis. These are aptly named the Creation Windows.

On the Abbott Street end surrounding the main entrance are the Peace Windows commemorating 50 years of Peace in the Pacific.

Around the border is the word PAX (Latin for PEACE) written in 28 other languages, so that whatever part of the world you are from, the word for "peace" may be recognised. Every other word can be read from inside or outside, offering "peace" not only within the cathedral but to those passing by on the street."

Then off to see the old Chariot office. Well it was there. It's now a multi-story new high rise that is currently in the final stages of being built. The motel that Clive used to stay at it still there. Across the road there used to be a coffee shop and other shops but these have all gone now, again replaced by new multi-story buildings. Progress, I suppose.

From here we went down Wharf Street, past Hemmingway's Brewery, reminds me a bit of Fisho's on the Coast and then past Cairns Cruise Terminal and the Pier. Then down The Esplanade and past the famous Lagoon. Lots of people about around the Lagoon and also in the coffee shops and restaurants along The Esplanade. Then past the Cairns Aquarium and Arts Centre before heading back to the van. A quick stop into Woollies to get some lamb chops for dinner tonight.

Entrance to
St. Monica's.

First of 4
Right to left.

Second 4
R to L.

Third 4
R to L.

Fourth four
R to L.

Fifth four
R to L.

Final 4
R to L.



Bishop's Chair
and Crucifix.

Windows above
the entrance.



Looking to the
back of the church.




Right Peace

Left Peace


Words on the
bottom left window.


Blessed Sacrament






Gai enjoying
the Cathedral.



Captain Cook


The Arts

Old Chariot

Il Plazzo - where
Clive always stayed.

Bear hit the
bottle again.

Lamb chops, onions mashed
potato and 4 bean mix.