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Friday 11th October - Mossman to Mt. Malloy

So we're off to Mt. Malloy today for some free camping for a few days. Power should be OK now that Clive makes sure the Anderson plug is firmly seated. We have stayed for several days before in free camps. Just can't really use the microwave or sandwich toaster, as they really chew up the power. Down to 21.7 and back upto 32.1 today.

Mt. Malloy is 398m above sea level and about 36km from Mossman. The road up the range is pretty windy when you actually start the climb. We were only doing between 30 and 40km/h through this part, but once you are actually on the range, then we were able to cruise at our normal 80km/h.

It took about an hour for us to get here and it feels like we are on top of the range. We are staying at the Rifle Range Rest area. There is plenty of room here and Clive has found us a nice spot with a bit a shade. Lovely cool breeze blowing. This rest area has quite good toilets and a cold shower for those that want it.

Rifle Range
Rest Area.

Some dark
clouds. Rain?.