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Saturday 12th October - Mt. Malloy

A very hot day today with temperature reaching 36.1 and down to 16.2 last night. We had a breeze blowing but nothing like yesterday, but it did come up stronger in the late afternoon to cool it down a bit.

By late afternoon the rest area is now quite full as there is about 20 vehicles here. Whacky weed night tonight from some French tourists who have camped with their tent quite close to us. Not impressed as it's stinking out our van.

I forgot to add yesterday, that one of my many jobs is to tune in the TV once Clive sets it all up. Well, we have managed to get 6 stations here. Sadly they are all just the sister stations of channel 2. So 2, 24, ABC kids etc. Clive to the rescue. Out with the satellite dish again. Well, after about 30 minutes and moving the dish many times, it's a no go. Because we are parked under trees, there is no clear line of sight to the satellite in space. Well we could move the van or just live without it. Coin tossed - we live without it. We have our travel DVD's still to watch, as well as hundreds of movies and we can get the news on 24. Clive will have to miss Bathurst this year.

Clive went for a walk into Mt. Malloy this afternoon. It's about 1km and there is a track from the rest area that goes to town. Off to Mareeba tomorrow.

Gai outside

Clive enjoys
a read.


Single lane

Creek behind
rest area.



Track to


The National


Memorial to
James Mulligan.

Old cart outside
the cafe.

View down
the main street.