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Tuesday 15th October - Mt. Malloy to Atherton

A cool night down to 15.7 but back upto 34.3 today. The weather forecast has been showing up as Atherton being the hottest place we are to visit on the range.

Clive got a call at 7.30am from Jeff to say that the car is ready and all good to go. He had an appointment in Mareeba and said that he would pick him up at 8.30 on the way back down the range. He picked him up and took him back to Mossman. Chatting on the way down, Jeff said that during the peak holiday season the rest area can get so busy that they are camped adjacent to the highway and you can't move for all the vehicles there. It can also be very tricky trying to get out at times.

Clive drove back up and stopped at the two lookouts on the way and took a couple of pictures. He also bought back some pies from the Mossman bakery and a jam donut. Looks like pie for dinner for me. I ate half the jam donut for lunch - delicious.

So the problem with the Jeep. Seems to have got an air lock in the fuel line. They drained it and re-pumped it back up and worked perfectly. They tested it multiple times and then kept the car in overnight so that they could check it first thing this morning. Total cost of $58.00. Got to be happy with that.

We skipped the stay over in Mareeba and drive straight to Atherton, so we're back on track for Malanda later on in the week. It took about 90 minutes to get here and there are only two vans in the park, including us, besides the permanents. Yes, it's higher up the range, as Atherton sits 731m above sea level. The car started to get a bit warm on this climb as certain sections were quite steep. We've decided to skip Mareeba and head straight to Atherton. .

We stocked up with some food and beverages. Clive is going to cook a curry tonight as he has got severe withdrawal symptoms. He made a chicken and zucchini curry.

Termite mound
around a tree.

View from the
lower lookout.


View from the
upper lookout.


Nearly there.