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Sunday 20th October - Malanda Falls

It got cool tonight as it went down to 12.6 and back upto 31.7. Clive even had an extra blanket on the bed as he said it was a bit cold.

Lunch at the Gallo Dairy with Robyn. Once again a great catch up and the food was excellent. I had my usual toasted sandwich, Robyn had chicken and Clive had grilled fish. For desert Robyn and I had ice cream. We were swapping stories from our childhood days and the fun times we had. She remembered, (or I asked), that she had an old photo album of Aunty Mebs photos. Robyn will drop in to see us tomorrow and hopefully remember where the album is.

After lunch we went for a walk to the animal nursery that they have on site and then to watch the cows being milked. Very interesting to watch the cows walking onto the milking carousel. If one hesitates to walk into a vacant stall, it gets pushed by others behind it. They have about 300 Friesian cows there that they milk twice daily. They produce their own cheese, chocolates and dairy products.

Some interesting facts;

Regular full cream milk has less than 4% fat.

A cow needs to drink 5.5 litres of water for every litre of milk.

It takes a cow 60 hours to turn grass into milk. To do this cows have four stomachs.

It takes 10 litres of milk to make 1kg of cheese.

Impressed aren't you!!

Gai and

Chat, chat,
chat, chat, chat.

Facts about

Bottle of wine
and toastie.

Looking very


Two scoops
and chocolate.


Gai had only
one scoop.




The three
of us.


Silos at
the dairy.



Stare down


Us watching
the milking.

View to
the ranges.