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Thursday 24th October - Innot Hot springs

Nice weather today. Overnight was only 18.4 and back upto 27.2.

Our neighbours next door to our bedroom window, started packing up at 5.45am. Really wonderful - not! They were speaking at the top of their voices and making so much noise. They finally left just after 8am and the park was once again in peace.

We decided to go for a swim in one of the pools. Clive has checked them out and five of the six have steps. The other one has a good strong hand rail to hang onto and is of beach design - a sloping base walkway to go in, so you could take a walker in there if necessary as there are no steps. It's also only 1.1m deep.

I was a bit aprehensive, but decided to give it a go. We found our swimmers and Clive got the wheelie walker. This pool was 34 degrees and lovely and warm. I don't know if you could do this on a really hot/humid day, but it was very nice today. We had a great time as we stayed in there for one and a quarter hours. I hadn't realised just how much I have deteriorated. Once upon a time I could float on my back, breast stroke and meander around a pool. Today Clive had to support my back to float. Our plan has always been to get a pool when we move to Point Vernon, so this is definitely going to happen. This will help me get back into shape and strengthen my muscles and bones.

One good thing was Clive didn't sink like he tells everyone when he is in the water. After all it was only 1.1m deep. I tried to get him to dog paddle, as he can't swim, but all he could do was jump around like a kangaroo. Really!! At least I have photos to prove it. A tour bus full of OAP's, (old age pensioners), arrived, so no doubt that's how they supplement their income in the quieter months when the park is not busy. These waters are meant to have healing properties. A great day and I was quite proud and pleased with my achievements. I think that Clive enjoyed himself too.

The 23
degree pool.

Gai going
down the ramp.

Now that's


Git sitting by
the waterfall.


swimming away.




Doing his
kangaroo hop.


Many shades
of white.

The 36
degree pool.


Front is 45.
Back is 25.

40 degree

Us camped

So much

An Avan
by itself.


The warm


Steam from
the creek.


Air bubling


Gate keeping
tresspassers out.


Pelican enjoying
a swim.