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Friday 25th October - Innot Hot Springs -Greenvale

A hot day reaching 34.8 at Greenvale and overnight it was 18.4.

We travelled along the Great Inland Highway to a free camp that we were planning to spend the night at. The Junction free camp is actually at an intersection with a right turn to Mount Surprise. It's actually just a truck stop on concrete. No shade or anything. Plan B, we'll carry onto Greenvale, where we had planned to be for the weekend.

So we continued on for another 120km and arrived at the Greenvale Caravan and Cabin Park. $30.00 a night here with the third night free, so this will work out quite well. It's a very large area and currently we are the only ones in the park. Clive was able to get a drive through site, so easy parking and yes, I have the air conditioning on. A late lunch at 2.45pm, but it now puts us ahead of schedule, and with the free day here, it's like a free camp but with power and water. Bonus!

With the aircon on, it cooled the van down nicely and made such a difference. A small cool change came in around 5.30pm that helped cool outside down nicely.

Fish and chops for dinner from the Roadhouse. Delicious.

After leaving Malanda you go though Mt. Garnett. We saw an Ampol service station with a Puma truck unloading fuel. We decided to fill up but because of the Puma truck we couldn't get near enough to the bowser. Clive went to see how much longer he would be as we were blocking the unleaded bowsers. He said about 10-15 minutes, and so Clive pulled away and we went around the corner to wait. Clive then went and watched to see when he would finish.

Eventually Clive came back and went back in behind the truck, and as he pulled away Clive pulled upto the bowser. Clive gets out and the next minute this fifth wheeler is heading at us, faster than one normally would go in a service station. He braked about a foot away from us and then got out and started abusing Clive, claiming he had jumped the queue and that he was next in line etc. etc. Clive politely told him what we had done and he was given the two finger salute. So we named him, 'Mr. Happy'. Clive remembered the van from when we were in Malanda as they pulled in just before we left. He overtook us about 30 minutes up the road, hopefully having a better day.

van park.


Old mining




A very
noisy bird.