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Monday 28th October - Greenvale to Charters Towers

What is this weather doing. A cool night at only 13.5, so needed 2 blankets and back to 34.5 during the day.

We left after 10am for the journey to Charter Towers. Lots of road kill along the way and even a cow beside the road. Travelling on with pretty much the same scenery all the time over this day. Trees, trees and more trees. The land is so dry that they could certainly do with some rain. Of the many creeks that we crossed only two had some water in them. Even some of the bigger creeks were totally dry.

We're travelling on the Gregory Developmental Road, still part of the Great Inland Way, and for most part this is two lanes. There was a 5km section that was one lane only and thankfully we only had a car coming towards us to contend with. They pulled off the bitumen, so that we could stay on it.

This road between Charters Towers and Greenvale is used by road trains. These can be upto 55m long and require long distances to get upto full speed or to overtake. Clive read that they need between one and two kilometres sometimes to do this. There was hardly any traffic on the road heading south as only a couple of cars overtook us. Thankfully no road trains did today, although yesterday we did have one. Going in the opposite way were many road trains and vehicles. Along the way are signs where these trucks are supposed to call in - at call point 19 we would hear 19 south come over the CB. This lets others know where they are. A good safety warning.

The park here seems quite nice with plenty of shade. The only problem is, yes, there is sometimes a problem, that opposite us is a cabin that is in the process of being renovated. They are laying a floating floor, so saw noise outside and now there is a tractor parked there. Still with the door closed and the aircon on it's not too bad. Hopefully they won't start working at 7am tomorrow morning.

Rookie mistake again. I thought that he was getting so good. How do you boil water for your soup Clive? It's a job most of us know how to do - right ? Basically you fill kettle with water, plug into electricity, turn on kettle and water boils. Kettle automatically switches off. Well guess which step Clive forgot to do and killed the kettle. Yep - tried to boil water with no water. He thought something smelt funny when he came back inside to make the soup. So today he found a camping shop and bought a new kettle.

Just us
in the park.


Trees and


The Great
Inland Way.



Welcome to
Charters Towers.

The van

Nice and
green here.


The 'dump'

An old
mango tree.

The new

Our free
loading gecko.

Bear pole