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Sunday 3rd November - Emerald

Another hot day with a top of 36.7 and overnight of 21.1. Today turned out to be an eventful one also.

The aircon went on early today, so I had a lovely cool sleep in. We decided to go to the information centre to get a map of the area, (the parks normally have one - but not this one), and then go to Big W and look for books as we don't know where the next one will be. Clive pulled the car forward and then came back for me like he normally does. We get in and the car won't start, so we're not going anywhere. Seems to be exactly the same problem as last time.

Back to the van and a call into the RACQ again. Turns out the patrol in Emerald is off until 6pm that night. Clive said not to worry about it, as it really wasn't urgent and could wait until tomorrow. The operator said that she would check where the next available one was as this is what we paid for. Seems to be in Springsure, which is over 70km away. It turns out that the guy was actually in Emerald, on another job. Half an hour later he turn up with a tow truck. Seems he was doing a job for the police.

Clive explained what had happened and how a similar thing happened a few weeks ago and what they did. He bled the fuel system and bingo, it worked. So now Clive knows what to do if it happens again. We'll get it looked at properly when we get to the Gold Coast in a few weeks time. Talking to some Ol' mates, there was also the suggestion of dirty fuel or algae in the tank or fuel lines, so Clive bought some cleaner too.

So we had lunch first and then headed off to the info centre. Turns out it's closed on Sunday, so off to Big W where I did get some books. A tidy up of the car has revealed I have 31 to read! Chinese for tea and it was delicious.

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