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Tuesday 5th November - Emerald to Rolleston

A warm night of 25.3 and back to 35.7.

Off to Rolleston travelling on the Gregory Highway and then onto the Dawson Highway at Springsure. It took just under 2 hours to get here, arriving at 1pm. We had a late start which was good for me. Very dry here and hot, but there is a strong wind which is making it bearable for me. If not the aircon will be on soon. Typical small country town. Blink and you will miss it and more closed shops then open ones. They need tourists to survive.

Clive was talking to the park manager and met Tiger, the van park cat. He used to belong to a local who was 90 and recently passed away, so because they used to look after him when the man went to hospital, they decided to keep Tiger. In season, this park is full with Nomads and they have purchased land next door to basically double the size of the park. Tiger likes to roam the park seeking tickles wherever he can. Clive gave him some and he followed him back to our van, then jumped up inside and made himself at home. I was telling him to go but he wouldn't listen to me. In the end Clive had to pick him up and take him back to the camp kitchen, but he started following him again, so Clive just hid around the corner. We'll definitely be getting another cat once we settle down.



Driving on the
Staircase Range.

No grass
in this park.