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Monday 11th November - Taroom to Miles

Only two blankets last night as down to 10.1, but it was a warm 35.6 once we reached Miles.

We left for Miles just after 11am, as we were allowed a late start and we only had about 140km to go. We arrived just after 1pm, with a stop in Wandoan, to buy some very expensive eggs, as we had runout. We travelled most of the way on the bumpy Leichhardt Highway and then turning left onto the Warrego Highway. This was less bumpy. We also went through the Great Dividing Range, with the height above sea level as 407m.

This caravan park is a drive through, and as the owners were away for the day, we could just pick our own site. They won't be back until after 6pm, when Clive will pay them. Plenty of free spaces to chooses from and lots of cabins that are fully booked out. It's called the Miles Crossroads Caravan Park is adjacent to the highway.

Clive came back from the amenities block raving about them. Talk about up market. As you can see from the pictures, each is a shared male/female toilet and shower. In each one is a two seater couch, cupboards and TV point. Each one also has its own aircon unit. He figured out that what they are, are dongas with the bed removed. That's why the couch is there to fill the space. Certainly the best amenities block by far.

Clive made a batch of curries for dinner and freezing so he doesn't get curry withdrawal symptoms and I had pizza. It's meant to get to 37 here tomorrow, so the aircon will definitely be running for most of the day.

Mural in

bins too.

Wandoan info




Sofa in the




Just us
in the morning.

Chicken and
potato curry.


in Miles.


Bear ready
for bed.