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Wednesday 13th November - Miles to Dalby

20.1 overnight and upto 34.7 during the day.

We left for Dalby just after 10am and arrived at 12.30, travelling via the Warrego Highway. A less bumpier drive than previous highways. We must be getting closer to civilisation. We are only staying one night here, as we have to be in Toowoomba tomorrow between 11 and 11.30, to have a new wheel clamp bracket welded to the chassis for the new jack.

Telstra has been down in the town for two days, so the only way you can pay for goods or services is cash. Yep, good old fashioned cash. We had Chinese for tea and Clive was talking to the lady who said that business had halved due to no pay wave. Suncorp are saying that 69% of all transactions are now pay wave. It's all good until you don't have the services to make it work. Duck in oyster sauce for me for dinner - delicious.

We are getting constant updates on the radio regarding the fires. It's not good, but we have been lucky so far. The issue maybe in NSW as we are planning to travel the coast way to Terrigal.

Today marks our 6 months on the road and we have a lot of fun. Some stats for those interested;

9742km travelled to date.

We've stayed in 65 different locations. 18 of these have been free camps,(41 nights), with the rest caravan parks.

Fuel is averaging 13.3 litres per 100km or 7.5km per litre.

We've used 1298 litres of fuel at a cost of $1863.07.

Dearest price for diesel was $1.869. Cheapest was $1.359.

Gai's top picks so far - Rosedale, (see 21st June) and Malanda, (see from October 18). Clive's are too numerous to mention. He's just loving the trip.

Birds enjoying
the sprinkler.


The big



Floods of
December 2010.






Haystack School
Building 1910-1968.

Inside the

Dalby Tourist





Lizard enjoying
some shade.

Our camp

Leaves look silver
from the sunlight.