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Thursday 14th November - Dalby to Pimpama

A cool night with 11.2, but the heat returned during the day and back to 36.4.

We left for Toowoomba at 10am. We went through Jondaryan, where they have the famous Woolshed. If you have never been there, then this place is well worth a visit. They have an annual festival where they fire up all the old steam engines and machinery and show you what life was like living in the olden days. Check out their web site.

We arrived at the RV centre at 11.30 and they took about three quarters of an hour to complete the job. We were originally going to spend a couple of days here but have now decided to continue to travel to Pimpama and get there a few days earlier. Yes, we're back in the rat race. Cars everywhere. What a difference to what we have become used to. Bad language back over the CB radio, which is something that you don't get in the country, as it is used strictly for traffic and communication purposes.

So, we've got Michael's house to ourselves for a few days as Jess and he are currently holidaying in Bali. We'll catch up with them on the weekend.

Gai and Bear

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Chicken and
potato curry.