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Saturday 30th November - Pimpama

Our one week on the Gold Coast turned into two weeks with lots of drama- car drama that is. It has broken down twice so far with fuel issues, where the pump needs priming to get it going again. There has been the suggestion that we may have picked up some bad fuel along the way. Clive has been treating it with an algae treatment as well as the normal injector cleaner that he uses. We arrived safely at Michael's in Pimpama on Thursday 14th with Jess and Michael due back on the week end. They have a music concert to goto in Brisbane, so we'll see them when they get here.

On November the 19th we had doctors and a dentist appointment at Robina, so off we go. About four houses up the road the Jeep just stops dead in the middle of the road. We had a car right behind us beeping the horn, because we had stopped. Clive got out and politely told her that we had car issues and she reversed and drove around us. Lucky that Michael was home as he came and gave us a push back down the hill, so the car could be safely parked opposite his place. So we went in his car to Robina.

Our problem appears to be the same issue - prime the pump and then it starts. This is the first time that it has stopped dead as the other two were that it wouldn't start. Imagine if we were towing with the van and had a road train on our bum, and this happened. This would not look pretty, so we need a rela8ible car!.

Not only this, after it was serviced a few other issues came to light that would be costing a bit more money in the future. Time for some big decisions.

Mary, Clive's sister happened to ring us one night and as a throw away comment asked, "Oh, do you want to buy our Grand Cherokee ?" Then Jude, her husband came on the phone and said "When would you like me to drive it to Queensland ?" This is from Adelaide mind you. Clive meanwhile had started looking at other cars, new and used to see what was around as time was of the essence. We have to be in Sydney by the 12th December, as this is when the first Caravan Park is locked in and paid for during the silly season.

So after much ado, it was locked in. Jude and Nigel would leave on the Friday afternoon and arrive on the Gold Coast on the Sunday afternoon sometime. With Michael and Jess back at work, Jude would have Michael's room, Nigel ours and we will be back in the van again. They both need to be back in Adelaide for stuff on Tuesday, so they will fly back Monday afternoon.

They came up via Broken Hill - night one, Moree - night two and then into Pimpama. What they were really after was Michael's goat curry, garlic naan bread and dahl. They certainly enjoyed the meal as the photos show. On Monday Clive took them to Pacific Fair, where they all had breakfast, then onto the Casino. They both came away with winnings here and then they went into Surfers and drove around the V8 track, as Nigel is a petrol head. Sadly a Ford fan. Then back home briefly before it was off to the airport. Touchdown there was about 7.45pm.

So now we have a lovely all bells and whistles, white 2015 Grand Cherokee Jeep. The rest of the week was taken up with rego transfer, install of an additional fuel filter, electric brakes added, a new CB radio and an Anderson plug installed. Plus a service and a road worthy. Then the re-packing from the old Jeep. Clive then took this upto a friend's house who will help sell it for us. He then had to catch a train back and then a Didi to home. That was a first for him as last time we used a train was on one of our overseas trips. Well this week went quickly I can tell you.

Also Clive did gardening, washed the van with the water blaster and also part of the drive that could be accessed. He's been so busy these past few weeks he hasn't had time to read. He even washed all three cars. I think he is trying to make it rain, but it's not working very well. Also curries made and spaghetti bolognaise, so Jess won't be going hungry. We also cleared out the van, especially things we have not used in the past six months.

If you ever buy a van, may we give you one tip. Just because there are all these cupboards, you don't have to fill them up!

So the plan is to leave on Sunday the 1st December and head to Hastings Point. We were going to go further south, but given that Clive will never have towed with car before and he's still getting used to the Jeep, it's safer to do a smaller trip.

Mild curry
for Jess.

Plenty of
left overs.

Sunset in

It's smoke,
not clouds.




Michael at

Sun, sand
and sea.



5A sold. No
front garden.



bol. time.



The secret


Home made
Pizza by MPM.


Cane mulch








Goat curry
and dahl.

Another blanket


A gift
for Jude.

Jude and
Nigel arrive.



Bear wanted
to meet them.

Gai enjoys
a toastie.

Nigel enjoying
a curry.

Jude enjoyed
his too.

Boab at
Pacific Fair.

Waiting for



Jude likes
baked beans.


Atrium Bar.

Jude plays
the pokies.

11am and
it's beer time.


wins too.

Making sure
they board.






The new
number plate.




John takes
the old Jeep.

Train ticket
Kallangar to Pimpama.




Change trains at
Eagle Junction.

Crossing the
Brisbane River.


The police

The van
all cleaned.

Part of the
driveway done.

Spot the
clean part.

curry made.

left overs.