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Tuesday 2nd December - Hastings Point to Evans Head

Yes you can have the weather again. Last night a warm 21.5 and upto 34.8 today.

With the heavy rain yesterday and gusty wild winds it made travelling interesting. This was the first time we had the car and caravan combination together, so it was certainly a test for Clive. We originally had the awning out, but with the gusty winds shaking the van we thought it safer to pack it up.

Clive went for a walk around Evans Head late afternoon. Well the beach is again across the road and if you head north then you can walk for miles along the beach. He went south towards the seaway entrance. There were a few surfers trying to catch a wave there. The water was really brown and looked dirty. We don't know if it's always like this or not. Following the seaway in, it eventually ends up at the marina, but he didn't go that far. Between the van park and the beach is a fenced off habitat that they are trying to rejuvenate and this is also home to some flying foxes. You can hear them calling at night.

Along the seawall there are memorial plaques, we're presuming for people who have had their ashes scattered there. A bit further there is a carved rock Commemorating the Centenary of Federation titled Wooden Boats and Iron Men. This is quite amazing as it depicts history in a different form.

This is a very large park, and one can only imagine what it would be like full up. Very noisy I might suggest. There's a tree with bits and pieces attached to it. Wonder what the story is here?

We thought that we would have to be worrying about the bush fires but so far this doesn't seem to be a problem. The country is so dry at the moment and it's sad to see the cattle and livestock so thin with brown grass or no grass at all. We've seen lots of hay being carted around.

We're staying at the Reflections Caravan Park. We joined upto their park program for free and upon joining you get a $25.00 discount to use when you want. So this night only cost us $15.00. You've got to be happy with that! The winds are really blowing again and not helping the bush fires down Shoalhaven way, where they have jumped the Pacific Highway.

The beach


Lots of
cabins here.

Looking north
up the beach.

Towards the

Trying to
catch a wave.

At the end
of the seawall.

A large
water dragon.


Wooden Boats and
Iron Men Memorial.






It's all
about bats.

An interesting