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Tuesday 3rd December - Evans Head to Woolgoolga

A cool night last night as it went down to 13.1 but back upto 31.5 during the day.

We arrived at the Woolgoolga Lakeside Holiday Park, which is right next to the beach. I don't know why the 'Lakeside' as there is not a lake in sight. There's the beach running down the back of the park and a creek to one side. Maybe further up there is a lake but certainly not in seeing distance.

It's a lot cooler here too. Must be the beach weather as windy today, but nowhere near as bad as the past few days. We had a good trip. This new car tows wonderfully. So smooth. We travelled on sections of the new highway they are building, as well as though land burnt by recent fires. Just over a week ago a section of the highway from Iluka to Woodburn was closed due to the fires. You can see from the pictures some of the destruction. The new highway will go from Ballina to Woolgoolga, and as you can see there is a huge new bridge that Clive didn't like. Even though we didn't use it as we were still on the old one, driving next to it was an experience. It looks so high.

No TV reception as we seem to be in a black spot. Not too many TV aerials up in this park. Clive decided to put the satellite dish up so that we can watch a bit of TV as we are here for a few days, even though Home and Away has finished for the year. Where, oh where is the marriage saver. This is the digital tuner that helps tune in the dish and find the satellite. It's nowhere to be found.

Clive checks the car and then started going through the cupboards in the van. Still no luck, so he rings Michael and asks him to look at home and check the spare room where our stuff is. Still no luck, so Clive basically empties the car this time and it's definitely not there. He remembers it at Michael's when he emptied the old Jeep. Nothing to do but buy another one as it's too difficult without some sort of tuning device. This will be shipped to Tony's along with other parcels we have bought.

So, one day we may find it - or maybe not. It looks like a small TV so maybe someone took it. We'll listen to the waves breaking on the beach tonight instead. What a perfect way to spend the evening and go off to sleep.

Evans Head.

Damage from
the fires.

The new


New and old

Smoke from
the fires.

On the
new highway.

Part of the
smoke haze.


View from
the toilet.

Goat curry
for dinner.