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Thursday 5th December - Woolgoolga

Another cool night of 15 degrees and upto 31.1 today. It's meant to be getting hotter over the next few days.

We were due to depart today, but yesterday Clive got an offer to stay for an extra day at half price. As we have a few days spare still we'll do this as it really is great spot. Even though there is not a lot to do, we are so close to the beach and just listening to the waves is very relaxing. We can make the day up from somewhere else as the 12th of December is when we are first booked in.

Very smoky today and it's quite warm. Another lazy day as Clive has seen most of the local attractions, with the exception of the Gurdwara Temples. He went to fill up the car and took some pictures from the outside. The Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, (The Temple of the Hill), is manned by volunteers and is open to the public. There is a large Indian population in Woolgoolga and each year they have a Curry Festival. This Curryfest originally commenced in 2006 and yes, we have missed it.

It also turns out that the creek on the side of the park is actually a lake. It's called Woolgoolga Lake and the entrance to the lake is regularly blocked by a sandy berm. This style of system, is what is referred to as an Intermittently Closed and Open Lagoon or Lake. In 2013, due to lower flooding of properties adjacent to the lake, the council cut a channel to the sea, to lower the water level of the lake. Clive did the walk along it , that runs for about 700m one way. This walk comes out on the road about 400m from the edge of town. You can also cross the lake here and then this returns back to Safety Beach through one of the suburbs on the other side of the lake.

You are

Flying Fox



The walking


Near the
edge of town.

On the bridge
over the lake.


There was
fish here.

Mouth of
the lake.


Sand between
the lake and sea.

Looking to
the sea.

Zoomed in on
the headland.


The Sikh