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Tuesday 10th December - Cundletown to Bulahdelah

A low of 18.5 but it did reach a scorching 42.5 during the day. It was HOT.

Well they said that it was going to be a scorcher and they weren't wrong. The drive to Bulahdelah was along the highway that went through tree forested area. Plus with all the smoke around it made for a very unpleasant day.

Driving everyday is far more tiring than having a few days here and there, even though we don't unhitch. Clive even had a sleep in the afternoon , which is unusual. Not a lot to see here. The van park is OK and not really big. We had a drive through site which was good. Off to Swansea tomorrow and then to Bateau Bay on Thursday for 5 days.

Along the way for the drive here we saw plenty of fire burnt trees, so the fires have not been far away as there is also no vegetation left on the ground r leaves on trees. It's an eerie kind of feeling as there is still smoke hanging around too. I took some pictures of these trees as we drove.

We are planning to head to Batemans Bay in the New Year. The road between Ulladulla and Batemans Bay has been closed for nearly a fortnight, due to the fires, but checking today this has been finally opened. In NSW they have an app that allows you to check all roads for roadworks or other things. This can also be done at www.livetraffic.com

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