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Thursday 12th December - Blacksmiths to Bateau Bay

Now for those of you reading along, you will notice that the blog has not been done for nearly a week. This is mainly because of the single nights we have had since the 6th December, so Clive's job today is to get this upto date!

Still A coolish day with a top of only 23.1, (Relative Humidity 88%), and a low of 18.4, (RH 68%). Still had the knee rug again last night and Clive had socks on.

We were woken up at 6am this morning by the kids from a few doors down. One of them was crying and the other just making a noise, and then one came over and started banging on our van. Seriously, they need to put in their rules and regulations about excessive noise from children. They stress about non-tolerance from adults having parties, drunkenness etc., but children can be even more bothersome and loud at times. They all ask about barking from dogs, which is probably as hard as training some children! Lets face it, banging on our van is a bit over the top. Oh well - rant over and time to move on.

We're off to Bateau Bay and the trip was a good one. It basically took us off the main highway, onto the ring road travelling south-west, but on the way to The Entrance and Gosford. A few tight corners and narrow roads, but all good. Upon arrival one of the workmen guided us in, but rather than reverse he said to take the next street and drive straight through. Very helpful.

We are right on the end of the row, closest to the beach. The only problem we can see is the van opposite us has 5 bikes and a baby seat. Possibly more children and lots of them? We will see where this leads to. Hopefully not as bad as the last place.

The oceans views are really lovely, especially being this close to the beach. WE had booked this a few months ago due to the holiday season, hence our need for the tight schedule as most van parks have a no refund policy and it's difficult getting sites at this time of year unless you have pre-booked.

For those not on Facebook, Clive has been taking photos of the view from the toilet seat, which is at the back of the van. Some friends on FB have suggested making a book - titled "Views from the Loo". Any other suggestions welcome, but I don't think it will happen somehow.

Stopped by an
open bridge.


A big

Bue Lagoon
Beach Resort.




Hills behind

We're right next
to the beach.

View from
the loo.

Looking to
Blue Lagoon Beach.