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Saturday 14th December - Bateau Bay

A warm night of 21.2 and a top of 30.2. Must be the cloud cover keeping the nights warm currently.

Off to have lunch today with my brother Tony and his wife Margaret. It's been a few years since I last saw them. We have lunch at a café that is connected to the Ken Duncan Art Gallery. Lunch was delicious and we had a great chat and catch up. After lunch we had a look around the gallery. Some very nice photographs for which he is well known and also some on exhibition by Ray Martin.

Then back to Tony's for another brief chat, collect our mail and then back home for us and a sleep for me. Clive bought me some books and also had other mail delivered, so there was about 10 parcels in all.

Clive is making a curry outside tonight on the new portable double cook top. Oh yes - Did I mention previously that we had misplaced the marriage saver for our satellite dish. It was not at Michael's and Clive assured me that he had emptied the car and checked thoroughly. Well we had to empty the back seat for Tony and Margaret to use and he comes into the van holding a bag of books and the 'lost' marriage saver. Seems that he moved every other bag except this one and it was right underneath it. We had bought a replacement that was delivered to Tony's, so now we have two of them. Oh well, one may break one day.

and Tony.



for Clive.

Tart for

Fish and Chips
for Tony and Gai.

Margaret, Tony
and Gai.


The dual
hot plate.