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Monday 16th December - Bateau Bay

Pretty cold and blowing a gale today. We are both rugged up in warm clothes, while Brisbane hit a top of 41 degrees. Crazy.

Clive went for a walk along the beach. The wind was so strong it blew off his Akubra Hat and he ended up chasing it down the beach. He said it was quite funny in the end, as it was just rolling along on the edge being blown by the wind. Luckily he was able to catch upto it before it ended up in the water. He said that it wasn't a pleasant walk as he was sand blasted as he went along. Even the sea gulls were hiding behind the seaweed trying to get some shelter.

The Blue Lagoon Beach is a lagoon type beach that is protected by a rock reef. The reefs lie about 200m offshore and extend from Shelly Beach in the North, rejoining the shore at the wide southern platform. The Blue Lagoon Beach is about 400m in length.

At least the car got a nice wash and another blanket was finished. Off to Bulli tomorrow. A trip of about 160km.

Sunday 15th December - Bateau Bay

Low of 21.2 and a top of 27.2. Very pleasant. A bit warmer but not over the top. They are predicting Thursday to be the hottest day of this week.

A lazy day for us today after a busy last two days. Clive copied some songs from the computer to a USB, so that we can play them during our drives and then found out that the car stereo won't recognise them. Not happy.

Blue Lagoon



Part of
the reef.

North to
the headland.



Back to the
van park.

Crystal clear

End of
the reef.

Sheltering from
the wind.

Another blanket


Bear keeping