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Tuesday 17th December - Bateau Bay to Bulli

Down to 15.3 and back upto 25.2. The wind has died away, so it should make for a nice day to travel.

We left about 10.30 to head to Bulli, via Bankstown, Heathcote and finally the dreaded Bulli Pass. Yes, it was as bad as I remembered it. A good job we didn't come across any trucks on the one lane parts. If you haven't done the Bulli Pass then add it to your list. The road basically drops from the top of the mountain range down to sea level. A drop of 283m over 2.5km. It has a gradient of 14 percent in places.

We were glad to get out of traffic. Stop, start, stop, start. We're not used to that and also the thin lanes. They were just wide enough for the caravan. This coupled with trucks and cars made for some prolonged concentration.

Our park is right at the bottom and backs onto the beach. More waves to listen to. Just lovely. The Bulli Beach Tourist Park is $346 for 7 nights. This is due to school holidays, high season and Christmas. It can't be helped as we have to stay somewhere and if the weather is going to turn hot, then I like the aircon. There is also a kiosk on the edge of the park that does take away and dine in food. There are also some nice tourist drives from here, so plenty to do.

On the way here we heard a "hello Gypsy", so we answered. We then proceeded to have a chat about our van. Turns out he wants to buy one like ours, so was asking age, price, how much new and any other features. He finally welcomed us to Sydney and said that we got a bargain with our van. He'll just carry on dreaming and saving.

Heading to

Crossing a

On top of
the range.

Down Bulli

Heading to
the beach.


Bulli Beach
Tourist Park.

Adjacent to
the beach.

All camped

There are pools
in the rocks.




The loo