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Saturday 21st December - Bulli

Today is meant to be a scorcher. A low of 18.6, but it only managed to reach 28.6, thanks to the high change that came through early and the smoke from the fires that didn't clear all day.

We started the day on the wrong foot. It was meant to be a scorcher and when I woke up about 10.30, I asked Clive to turn on the air conditioner as it was smoky and stuffy.

Next I hear him say, "That's not good". You guessed it, it wouldn't turn on. He checked the circuit breakers and re-set them and still no luck. Thanks to Google he found a mobile caravan man who came about 30 minutes later. He tested it all and said that there was no electrical fault he could find as power was going to all the right places. $60.00 cash later, we had resolved ourselves that we would need to get this unit replaced as it seemed to have given up the ghost.

Several phone calls later it seems that everyone has shut down for the Christmas period and will not open again until 6th January 2020. I commented that it's a good thing we are not at war as everything will be put on hold for holidays. Anyway, it was getting the better of Clive, so he decided to rotate the on/off power knob and Presto, it kicked into life. He stopped and re-started it a few times and it works. Hopefully when next we need it, but at least it looks like cool weather where we are going until the New Year.

The cool change really hit about 5pm with seriously gusty winds - upto 90km/h. We ended up taking the annex down as it was being lifted by the winds and the van buffeted from side to side. This made a huge difference.

Watching the news we learn that the south road to Batemans Bay has again been closed. Also the Hume Highway, which is the main road between Sydney and Canberra. We can at least get to Nowra currently which is where we'll spend nine days and the New Year. At least we are all safe.

Next to us is another AVAN. It's a Eurostar 609, which is the same model as ours. Clive better not drink to much that he goes to the wrong van. The park is pretty full tonight. Due to the size of the sites, vans are parked in all directions. Some of the tents that have been erected are just enormous. The couple behind us book five adjacent sights every year for three weeks at a time. They only live an hour away from here. So far it's not too noisy considering. It started raining after nine, so Clive went and put the awning up. Just a few drops to make the car really dirty and not even really wet the ground.

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