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Sunday 22nd December - Bulli

Just for a change it was freezing today. Ugg boots on, long pants, cardigan and probably the crochet blanket tonight. It got down to 17.7 last night and upto 24.7 during the day. As the week goes on it's meant to warm up.

We were woken up at 6am by noisy neighbours, in tents. They were talking at the top of their voices. Some people really have no consideration or thoughts for other people.

Clive went off to 8.30am Mass at St. Josephs this morning. He said it's an interesting church, but nothing special about it. They do have some nice stained glass windows in the Chapel area.

In the afternoon, Clive went for a walk down the beach, south, today. They have another swimming pool built into the rocks. It's at a place called Collins Rock. They also have a look out here and a memorial to Captain James Cook. This is near the spot where he attempted to land on the 28th April 1770. This ended up not being successful, so he continued on towards Sydney Cove . The rest as they say, is history.

On the lookout, they have different pictures of Cook, done in mosaic tiles. There is also pictures on top of the wall depicting events that have happened in Bulli through the ages.


Pool in
the rocks.

Captain James
Cook monument.



of Cook.



View to
the pool.


Bulli through
the ages.

North to
Bulli Beach.