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Monday 23rd December - Bulli

Overnight was 16.0 degrees and only 23.3 during the day. It was another mild day, but not as cold as yesterday. It's probably the wind that is making the difference.

Clive helped our twin van next door put the awning out. Showed them how to do it correctly. Apparently they only bought the van a few weeks ago, so they are still learning, as this is their first van and they are trying to find their way around it. They can only run the hot water service on gas, so Clive explained about the plug that is under the bed and needs to be turned on. He also helped someone reverse in, as the wife was on crutches with a broken leg from an accident in Cooktown.

We may have sold the Jeep, but we'll see. It's a no go. This guy has been messing us around for 3 weeks now and we are over him! Move onto the next person as we have been putting people off because of him. Not good.

Clive went for a walk down the beach today. Still quite smokey. I went for a short walk around the park today and we ended up at the kiosk. Time for an ice cream for both of us. Delicious.

Plenty of
smoke about.

Kite surfers
having fun.


Thongs on
the beach.


Rocks on
the beach.

Baby pool and
main pool.

It's a
windy day.

Our feathered

Gai enjoys a
a magnum.

Clive enjoys a
Golden Gaytime.