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Tuesday 24th December - Bulli to Gerringong

We're off to Gerringong today. We're actually staying at Werri Beach, which is adjacent to Gerringong. It's only about 56km form Bulli, so a short drive. Down to 19.2 and back upto 23.7.

We arrived at Werri beach Caravan Park without any problems. No road block and no fires, but PLENTY of smoke about. You can even smell it in the air. This is a huge park with many different entrances. It spans both sides of the road and over three quarters of it is on site caravans and cabins.

High season and Christmas so it's $70.00 a night. Oh well, we got a free pen and sticker of the park. Our site - well what can I say. It's just big enough to put our van on and the car is part on the road and part on next door. Due to the electricity pole being about a metre into the site, you lose that along one edge. We'll just have to see what happens.

We're on site 3 and site 4 is directly behind us. So how do they get in, as there is no vehicular access if there is a van in front, like we are. Must be for tent sites only, but where do they park their cars. Could make for some entertainment if the park fills up.

The amenities block is a fair distance away from us. They really need two on each side of the park. Apparently it is owned by the council. No TV reception, but they have a point that you can connect into. Clive got the satellite dish out to set up, but then a long van has pulled into the next spot and blocked any chance of reception via the dish. Plan B. Tried to re-position the dish but no go. We can't seem to win today. Back to the TV point next to the power. The TV works brilliantly on the Top Cat, our PVR, but on the TV this just beaks up and we can only get channel 9 clearly. Go figure.

The problem with the satellite dish is that the elevation for our current location is only 49 degrees. In Queensland it was in the mid 60's. We also have this huge hill in front of us that's not helping at all.

It's a bit on the cool side today with finally some rain that started around sunset.

Kiama from
the north.

A smokey

checks in.


Number 3 is
our camp spot.


Number 4 is
behind us.