February Home Page

Clive wanted to go and have a look at a couple of caravan places down at the Tweed that he had tried to see on a public holiday but they were closed then ,so off he went. The first one had nothing of interest but at the other one he managed to find a van that would suit our needs and was well within the weight limits that we were looking for. It included solar, dual battery set up, full ensuite with washing machine and two 95 litre water tanks.

So he arranged for us to visit them the next day, which we did so on Tuesday 5th February we bought a caravan. It's a 2010 AVAN Eurostar 609 and had almost all the features that we wanted. We had to get a grey water tank added, some fans and also a water filter so we won't actually have the van until the 6th March.

These were the pictures sent by the caravan sales yard. More pictures once we take delivery.




and freezer.

DVD and





Toilet and
washing machine.