February Home Page

The three unemployed amigos decided on a lunch so we all went to the Merrimac Tavern. Gai decided that she would join us which was lovely. So a slow walk over the road to wait for Adam and Leand. Clive had a lunch special of calamari and chips while Gai thought that she would have the light lunch of a burger with no chips or salad. Well guess what - it still came with the chips.

This burger was huge. So much as being a light lunch! Still divided us amongst us we managed to eat half of it on top of our own meals. It was a great lunch and the next one will be a home cooked curry at Clive's place.

Michael needed a shed to store some of our stuff when we travel so Craig and Clive went around there to help him construct it. This was a major assembly job that took the three of them most of the day to do - but it does look good.

Aldi had a camping special on so Clive queued up early one Saturday morning to get some stuff that we would need for our travels. $500.00 later and there doesn't seem a lot to show for it.

Alister is buying the Bubble so Clive took the opportunity to fill it with toys that were left in the cupboards and books for the girls. They were delighted with it all.

Gai enjoying
her burger.

Gai tests out
the bed.

Shed building



The walls
are up.



Lunch at
the Bookfest.

Clive assembles
the BBQ.



Fatso shedding
his skin.

Boot loaded up
with toys and games.

The kids

Books for

Finally finished
this blanket.