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Friday 3rd January - Nowra

Still hot and predicting mid 40s for tomorrow. They are saying that it is going to be worse than New Years Eve. Joy oh joy. It got to 30.1 today and was a warm 21.6 last night.

Lots of fires down south and they are asking people on holidays to return home. This way there will only be locals left and this will help with fuel and food for them. Hopefully we will be OK as Nowra is just outside the evacuation zone. We should be OK going via Goulburn as there are no fires currently in that area.

Not a lot done today as we are listening to the fire updates and reports on ABC radio. Clive went for a short walk as he didn't have his hat and went down to the back of the park. They have a small reserve there and a boat ramp that goes directly into the Shoalhaven River. I know where he would be if we still had the fishing gear with us.

Nowra has a mural trail in the CBD. There was originally six murals commissioned to try and generate life back into the CBD with an additional one being added several years ago. Small businesses have also got on board by adding their own mural to their buildings.

The Jeep
is clean.


From the
boat ramp.



Spot the