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Thursday 16th January - Benalla to Mansfield

Today I'm wearing a cardigan! It is 18 degrees cooler than yesterday. It was 19.2 last night and a very pleasant 27.1 during the day.

We're booked in to the Mansfield Holiday Park and it's $38.00 a night. Seems like a nice quiet park with lots of cabins and plenty of space. Mansfield is only 60km from Benalla, so it didn't take long to get here. It's located on the edge of town on the way upto Mt. Buller.

So far we have seen ducks, rabbits and a huntsman spider here. Not happy about the last one I can tell you. They have a Putt Putt Golf Course adjacent to the park, as well as a large pool and big wooden pirate ship for children to play in. The good this with this is that it is well away from the guests, so noise is not an issue.

Normally this time of year there are over 100 Asians here for the cherry season. This normally lasts about five weeks, but due to the drought and fires there are less than fifty and the season will only be two to three weeks long.

It got cold during the evening, so much so that I ended up having Ugg boots on. Clive was in long tracksuit pants, socks, slippers, beanie, western shirt. Are you getting the picture. Even the electric blanket was turned on my side of the bed. We'll see how cold it got tomorrow.

Driving to

Holiday Park.

Lake by
the gate.

Mt. Battery
546 metres.



Old farming

7 feet tall

play area.


Our camping

rugged up.

View from
the loo.


Another blanket
nearly done.