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Sunday 26th January - Warragul to Traralgon

Happy Australia Day to one and all.

Another cool night of 13.5 and a cloudy day of 26.8. We're off to Traralgon

A pleasant drive along the motorway. We're only going about 60km further east. We're in the Tandara Village Caravan Park. It's just off the motorway and seems very nice. At least this park is quiet so far as there is only a few vans where we are. No hooligans, excessive noise or children's playground near us. The noisy ones from last night woke us up at 7am, again staking the claim on the camp kitchen for their bacon and eggs, which by the way, they didn't eat until nearly 8.30.

On the motorway here a convoy of police cars overtook us. Probably going somewhere for an Australia Day function.

Clive went to the 5.30pm Mass at St. Michael's Church in town. A lovely old church built in the 1930's. Both sides of the church have beautiful stained glass walls. A wonderful service on Word of God day, a new observance established by Pope Francis. This is to be celebrated annually on the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.

The Latrobe Valley contributes 85% of Victoria's power needs as well as supplying some power to NSW and Tasmania. There are three coal fired power stations in this area and as you can see from the photo of Loy Yang Power Station, the coal mine is adjacent to it, as are the other two.

Saturday 25th January - Warragul

Sunny day today and a bit warmer too. A cool 12.5 overnight and upto 27.7 during the day.

The van park is now pretty full. Probably due to the long weekend and the fact school starts back on Tuesday. Well it's going to be a lazy day for us today. There are some nice drives but it will take about one and a half hours to get there, so too long a day for me. I think all the travelling catches up with us as we haven't done any sight-seeing here. This will also give Clive the chance to get the blog back up to date. He's only been half doing it, so today it is once again back on track. I'll have to limit his reading and crocheting as he has finished another crochet blanket last night.

Clive asked at the office if he can wash the car in the park. They have no problem with that being done here, so 30 minutes later we have a nice clean car again. Even the inside got a bit wet as he didn't have the back left window completely closed. Another rookie mistake I think.

Joy oh joy. We're right next to the children's playground and next to that is the camp kitchen with about 8 park tables and benches. Seems that everyone wants to make a noise at tea time. Kids in the park, cockatoos screeching as they fight for a perch for the night and the caravan club has staked their claim on the camp kitchen and outside BBQ's. There is a group of 18 vans and their inhabitants have now all come down here for dinner. Looks like BBQ and salad for everyone. Time to turn the volume of the TV up a bit.

Some kids have just gone by and took a short cut through our site, knocking the satellite dish out of alignment. Seems the father is telling him to just leave it alone. Clive came back from the amenities block and now has to re-tune it back in again. It needed height adjustment as well as east-west adjustment. Good thing we are leaving tomorrow.

Friday 24th January - Warragul

It was cold night last night. 8.5 is too cold for us and only 24.5 during the day. It takes all day to get to the maximum temperature here. No rain today, but it's freezing cold. We both had track pants on with a jumper and cardigan for me. The park is pretty full now, with the Australia Day long weekend coming up. It looks like there is a caravan club in here too.

The TV reception here is shocking, so Clive put up the satellite dish. Fully operational in five minutes. We now have perfect TV to watch and can record our Saturday travel shows.


Arriving in

St. Michael's


Copper coated


glass wall.


Stations Of
The Cross.