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Tuesday 1st February - Port Welshpool to Yanakie

Well that's another month gone. Changes of driving route due to bush fires, flooding in our house on the Gold Coast and cold weather in Victoria. In January we travelled another 1652km. So total distance to date is 13994km. It's roughly 14500km to travel around Australia by road, so we certainly won't be doing it in the smallest distance.

Weather update - A low 16.2 and a high of 31.7

We arrived at the Yanakie Caravan Park just after 12, only just beating the rain for parking the van. It's raining a lot now and Clive is still setting up, so out comes his waterproof jacket that we have been carrying around. I think that this is only the second time that he has had to wear it.

It was a pretty drive along the way, but it's so humid. We stopped at Foster to buy some fresh prawns. There was a bakery next door, so Clive bought some fresh bread and two vanilla slices for me. Yanakie is miles from civilisation or anywhere, so a good thing that our fridge is well stocked. We do however have lovely water views, which we paid an extra $6.00 night for that includes drinkable water and power. Otherwise you get a powered site with no drinkable water and have to cart this or use your on-tank supplies.

The cool change and rain came through about 1pm and this dropped the temperature to 16 degrees. Just a tad cool. We now have our winter clothes on! It was so muggy before the change.

During the week we realised that we needed the name of our timber floor, so that during repairs they could match the floor back up to the hallway, so we needed the invoice from last May. We have some paperwork here in the van and also some at Michael's. So Clive looked here and couldn't find it so we asked Michael to have a look. No luck there either. So I made an executive decision that I would look for it here. I found it in under 10 minutes. Another mans look on Clive's part. He is now not allowed to look for anything as he has 2 out of 2, (the Digital Satellite Tuner being the last).

Views from
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