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Saturday 8th February - Phillip Island to Pakenham

Pleasant 18.5 last night and upto 27.9 during the day.

Off to Pakenham today. This should take just over an hour, so a quick trip. A good drive with no major problems except getting off the island. About 1km from the bridge we were stopped in traffic. It was going nowhere. Maybe there was an accident up ahead? Who knows! So Clive gets on the CB to see if we can get some answers. Yep - there's a Surf Marathon going on. So one lane over the bridge is blocked off for this, so it's being policed with turns for either side. Time to turn the engine off and just wait.

After about 20 minutes we finally got through. It was good to see all the competitors running along. Once clear of the bridge we had a free run into Pakenham. We arrived at the Pakenham Caravan Park and have a reverse in site on the very end. No trouble reversing as there is plenty of space. Beside the van is our own ensuite with shower and toilet. A first for us and at no extra charge. The park seems to be pretty full and Clive heard the manager say that all the cabins were full.

Friday 7th February - Phillip Island

A mild 16.7 last night and upto 27.5 today.

It's a bit cooler but very smoky. Some heavy rain in some parts near Melbourne and flooding in Sydney and the Gold Coast. Another quiet day and more time spent trying to sort out the insurance on the house. Seems the tenants are moving out today so repairs can commence, but now it seems that work can't start for a fortnight.

the bridge.







Our ensuite
from our loo.

View from
the loo.

Bear in
Gai's slippers.

The ensuite