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Tuesday 18th February - Aireys Inlet to Apollo Bay

A cool night getting down to only 14.9 and a top of only 23.8 today.

We left Aireys Inlet after 10.30am, as there were showers on and off while Clive was packing up. So back on the Great Ocean Road arriving after 12.30pm. Yesterday we saw a house, looking like it was sitting on a pole. We managed to get some pictures today. These people must have the most amazing view. It rained all the way and was quite heavy at times. The road is very windy and the next part after Apollo Bay looks even worse. At least they have pull over bays to let slow traffic pass. Clive used quite a few of these, as we were taking it easy with the wet and slippery roads.

Arrived at the Apollo Bay Caravan Park and when parking up Clive noticed what he thought was oil on the ground. Looked to be quite a bit. So he rang the RACV / RACQ and the local mechanic arranged for him to bring the car in at 3.30pm. The inspection cost nothing as this was covered by the RACQ, but only $50.00 to get it fixed. Seems that it was the new pre-fuel filter that was leaking and a bolt was not tight. So, in actual fact it was diesel leaking. While this was being done, Clive walked the 1.5km into town and had a walk around there. The Information Centre has these carved wooden poles and some different structures. Quite beautiful really.

These Melbourians are crazy. There are two people swimming in the pool and it's only about 20 degrees. Really! You can tell who the locals or maybe tourists are. We're rugged up just trying to keep warm. Rain and storms forecast for this evening.

Fish and chips for dinner tonight. The Blue Grenadier was lightly battered and very tasty. They also have local lobsters that you can buy. $40.00 - $50.00 per half depending on the weight. The fish shop is licenced and was almost full when Clive went there for our take away. Must be good food.

This is the
amazing house.



On the Great
Ocean Road.

Close to
the water.



Pool and amenities
block to the left.

Low cloud
on the hill.

Outside the
info centre.

Walks and









Cute drinking

Old Post Office
now a brewery.

Looking to
the marina.



A sign for
the tourists.

Scallop Pies