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Thursday 20th February - Apollo Bay to Port Campbell

Some light rain this morning as Clive was packing up. Not too bad though. Down to 13.3 last night and 21.1 today. Where has the sunshine gone?

So today we are off on the next stage of the Great Ocean Road. In my opinion it wasn't as windy as the first part, which was good. We travelled through some beautiful countryside. Lovely green rolling hills, tropical rainforests and some bush. We had a few light showers along the way, but Clive took it easy.

The road goes inland a bit and then up to Lavers Hill. This town is situated on the top of the range and the outside temperature was 10 degrees here, but the sun was quite strong through the car window.

We arrived at the Port Campbell Holiday Park just before 12.30. There is the Campbell River that runs along the back of this park. The council is currently building a pedestrian walkway across the water to allow access to walking tracks and National Park. We are here for three nights and Clive was told there is no TV reception as the park is in a valley. The only way to get TV is with a satellite dish. So we'll be OK for my Home and Away and MKR. Clive gets out the dish and sets it up. No joy. Moves it to another area across the road and still no joy. There's this bloody big hill behind us. He goes for a wander around the park and sure enough, people at the far end have their dishes out. He looks to where they are pointing and they are missing the hill. Seems that if our spot was down the other end we would be OK. Bugger.

Plan B. Clive sets the laptop up and we stream 7mate via the hotspot on the phone. I was able to watch The Chase, (my daily brain exercise), Seven News, Home and Away and then MKR. Well done Clive!

Wednesday 19th February - Apollo Bay

It rained on and off all night and showers, sometimes heavy, throughout the day.

Clive did more blog work again. It's his own fault for letting it get so far behind, but it's all good. It looks like work will start on our house in the next few days. The job has now been allocated to a builder who Clive spoke with and he'll be going there to confirm building materials. Clive had a good chat to him about the floor, as he was not aware of any discussions, so Clive sent him emails and pictures.

Bits and pieces of other business sorted out too. There is always something to do, just like being home. There's a cold wind blowing in off Bass Strait, hence the cold weather here. Back onto the Great Ocean Road again tomorrow and it looks like it's a pretty windy road. We shall see and I hope that the weather improves too as this is meant to be a slippery road.

Apollo Bay.

The town
War Memorial.


Travelling the
Great Ocean Road.

Lovely tree

We can see
the sea again.



The Shipwreck

Not so
good a picture.



Port Campbell


being built.